Cliff Greek Mountain Tea + Rock Crystal

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The mountain tea Sideritis Syriaca or Malotira is a popular Greek organic herbal tea that grows in the mountains of Crete. The only plant that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In ancient times, sideritis was considered a secret of health and a cure for almost everything.


  • Organic herbal tea from Teas & Trees
  • exclusively from us in a set with a rough rock crystal (approx. 3 x 4 cm)
  • from Greek mountain tea (sideritis)
  • Content: 20 grams (basic price: 75€/kg)

More about the medicinal herbal effects of this tea:

Sideritis has traditionally been used to promote health and memory. The ancient Cretans drank it because it was beneficial to the circulatory system and had powerful anti-inflammatory effects. It was also known as a detoxifying, antioxidant, disinfectant and diuretic.