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The dictamus herb was known in ancient Crete as Aphrodisiac, a loose herbal tea called Erodas by the locals, meaning youthful love. The young men climbed steep hills to collect it as a token of love for their loved ones.


  • Organic herbal tea by Teas & Trees
  • exclusively at Witchlandia in a set with a raw rose quartz stone (approx. 4 cm Ø)
  • Dictamus herb tea
  • Content: 20 grams (basic price: 75€/kg)

    More about the medicinal herbal effects of this tea:

    Dictamus (Origanum dictamnus) is the most famous Cretan endemic plant and the only plant that only grows on Crete. It grows on steep cliffs, so its collection is dangerous. Aside from being excellent herbal tea, this herbal tea was known in ancient times for its healing qualities. It was considered the most effective local remedy for almost everything (sore throat, cough, menstrual cramps, stomach pain, high blood pressure, helps childbirth, heals wounds, etc.).