Mini Clear Quartz double point

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As the "master crystal", Clear Quartz is the most important and versatile of the magic crystals. People who are attracted to Clear Quartz are looking for clarity and intention. The special thing about Clear Quartz al is that you can assign your personal intention to it: Hold the cleansed and charged stone in your hands and express a specific wish out loud or in your mind. The crystal becomes your personal talisman for your goal.


  • natural Clear Quartz
  • Polished double point with beautifully shaped edges
  • in crystal-clear premium quality
  • Double points have a very powerful energy, you will hold them in your hands again and again very intuitively
  • including instructions for meditation, ritual andcleansing
  • hand-picked selection: you will receive a stone similar to the ones shown here
  • Length 4-5 cm, diameter about 2 cm