Rainbow Moonstone tumbled stone

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Rainbow Moonstone, which geologically belongs to the White Labradorites, is pure magic in crystal form. This beautiful white stone reveals its secret in the sunlight: small inclusions that glow with all the colors of the rainbow. In spirituality, the Rainbow Moonstone is a very important semi-precious stone that strengthens female intuition and gives inner strength. The stone of femininity, not only for women.


  • natural Rainbow Moonstone
  • shaped like a tumbled stone
  • Magic Powers: Feminine Strength, Intuition
  • handpicked quality
  • the typical rainbow shimmer can be seen in each of the stones
  • found in India
  • including instructions for meditation, ritual and handling
  • hand-picked selection: you will receive a stone similar to  the ones shown here
  • Size: Ø 2-3 cm