By Christina Weidmann

Gemstone water – revitalize drinking water with the power of crystals

What is behind the trend for stones in drinking water and how do you properly prepare gemstone water?

Discover the effect of crystals in your drinking water

Gemstone water has a long tradition that is used all over the world. Water with gemstones tastes softer, is energized and enriched with minerals. The stones also temper the water and keep it cool for longer in summer. Only non-metallic, untreated and tasteless crystals should be used for gemstone water. That's why we chose the beautiful and powerful mixture of amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal. The large raw stones provide balance, cleansing and protection - a magical trio for your aura.

How do you prepare gemstone water?

Before using them for the first time, you should rinse the stones under running water. Place the water stones at the bottom of a large glass carafe and pour in fresh water. After 3-5 hours the structure of the water changes and it is completely processed. You can even see this: the hundreds of bubbles that formed during pouring are now gradually disappearing. When the carafe is empty, you can simply add fresh water. Every 2 weeks you should clean the stones thoroughly with running water and a brush, as limescale can build up.

Buy stones for gemstone water

It depends on the right raw stones.

When buying water stones, you should make sure that the stones are untreated; only raw stones are suitable for preparing gemstone water. Cut, polished, or tumbled stones may contain residue from grinding powder, which you don't want in your drinking water. In addition, in mysticism, raw stones are said to have better energy conduction - perfect for preparing particularly powerful gemstone water. We are particularly meticulous when selecting our water stones and only select the largest and most beautiful minerals without any natural impurities (from earth or soil metals). Before we pack the crystals in their gift box, we thoroughly clean them again with running water.

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