By Christina Weidmann

Mini Crystal Guide


The omnipresent importance of crystals

The mystical beauty of the crystals has always fascinated us - every child is fascinated by the play of light on these stones. It's almost unbelievable that deep beneath the ground lie shimmering, iridescent stones in all the colors of the rainbow. As if they were just waiting for us to lift them into sunlight. These stones are many hundreds of thousands of years old and have a perfect atomic symmetry that is also essential in modern technology. Without crystals, many of our everyday objects, such as watches or cell phones, would not work at all. Although we have been using the unique, energy-conducting properties of crystals for technical innovations for many decades, their effect on the mind and aura remains scientifically unproven. Actually paradoxical, right?

Recognize real crystals

The easiest way: only buy crystals from merchants you trust. Reputable mineral dealers do not even offer synthetic or colored goods. But even without expert knowledge, you can find out whether it could possibly be a sham.


Crystals have a unique aura that you can usually feel. Take the stone in your hand and focus on its energy - if you don't feel anything or the weight in your hand doesn't feel right, it may be glass or synthetic.


Natural crystals come in all colors of the rainbow - and sometimes, with a bit of luck, you may even catch a specimen with a small prism shimmering inside. However: If the stone is bright pink throughout or even the outside of the geode is colored throughout, chemistry was probably involved. Unfortunately, the dazzling Aqua Aura crystal is also an unnatural phenomenon. They are vaporized crystals and druses, often of poor quality.


You should take a closer look at these stones, because people often cheat with them. Citrines are often just burnt amethysts. You can tell this because they have the typical drusen shape of amethysts and are a dull yellow-orange. Opals are very valuable and expensive, cheap versions are usually synthetic opal glass. Agates usually have a rather unsaturated color spectrum from brown to blue, bright models are almost always colored. Inexpensive turquoise is almost always a synthetic product made from powder - a bite into the stone reveals whether it is a soft and pliable fake.

Buy crystals online

Since you can't hold the crystal in your hands to experience its vibration and aura in person, choosing a stone online can be a real challenge. We recommend that you intuitively choose the stone that inspires at first sight. Color plays an important role here - the effect of the crystal is strongly dependent on its coloring. Conversely, this means: If you like the color of a stone or a set of stones, you will most likely also like the aura of the stone.

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