By Christina Weidmann

August ascendant horoscope

Although summer is actually the perfect time to relax and let loose, the planets seem to have something different in store for us in August - because several planets are retrograde, giving us a lot of turbulence and life lessons. With Mars, Mercury and the Sun in Virgo at the end of the month, it's more of a time for stable routines and well-thought-out activities than for free and wild nights. There is still time for big new beginnings and wild dreams - after all, a powerful new moon in Leo awaits us towards the middle of the month. And at the latest with the change from Mars to Libra and the dreamy full moon in Pisces at the end of August there is still enough space for creative ideas and a good portion of self-care.

Ascendant Aries

Everything about your health and your daily routines will be particularly exciting for you in August. Because for almost the entire month, Mars and Mercury - which will also turn retrograde at the end of August - will be in your sixth house. On the one hand, this gives you the incentive to really tackle your good resolutions around health and healthy routines of all kinds, but it can also mean that old problems relating to your physical or mental health are now resurfacing. But, don't panic - use this as an opportunity to listen to your body and your needs and treat yourself well. However, you should plan new beginnings when it comes to love - because with the new moon in Leo in the middle of the month, it is time to leave old patterns and love affairs behind to make room for new, successful relationships of all kinds or even new relationship patterns.

Ascendant Taurus

Your urge for adventure, flirtation, and fun in life may be particularly strong in August, because although Mercury and Mars are in Virgo, they are also transiting your fifth house this month, bringing momentum to precisely these areas of life. By the end of the month, however, Mercury retrograde will be a warning reminder to ask yourself what you really want - just short-term fun and adventure, or something that will give you strength in the long term. Right now you should practice finding the balance between these two aspects. With the Leo new moon in the middle of the month, you can rediscover your family relationships and everything that concerns your roots and your home. Have you wanted to rekindle your relationship with a family member or a good friend from your home country for a long time? Then you should get started right now.

Ascendant Gemini

Your relationships with family members of all kinds will probably be tested in August - because with Mars and Mercury in your 4th house, there is not only the need for communication, but also a shorter patience and possible conflict. Mercury retrograde can then amplify this at the end of the month through communication difficulties and a renewed revival of conflicts that were thought to have been forgotten. It is all the more important for you to take advantage of the Leo New Moon, which takes place in mid-August: since it takes place in your 3rd house, this is a good time to rediscover your inner child and to consider how you can use it Be able to authentically communicate your wishes and feelings with those around you. While it may be particularly frustrating this month, honest and clear communication with your loved ones should now be a top priority.

Ascendant Cancer

“Communication is key!” This well-known phrase is particularly important for your August. With Mars and Mercury in your third house, you may feel a particularly strong urge to talk about things clearly and honestly, but Mercury retrograde towards the end of the month can mean that this communication doesn't go exactly smoothly. It is now important for you to remember that you too have a right to express yourself and that you can expect others to listen to you and give your voice space. However, there is potential for exciting new beginnings in the area of ​​finances, as the Leo new moon in your second house is a valuable impetus. Where do you want to develop financially, what are your goals and how specifically do you want to achieve them? You should ask yourself all of these things now.

Ascendant Leo

If there's one thing you should watch out for this month, it's hidden cost traps and bad purchases in your life. Because with Mercury and Mars in your second house there is an incentive to tackle your finances and plan expenses, Mercury retrograde at the end of the month will make you regret impulse purchases and bad planning. Take the time to read all contracts relating to money particularly carefully and, ideally, plan all investments particularly carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises. Things get particularly exciting for you in the middle of the month, because the new moon in Leo in your first house offers you the springboard to completely reinvent yourself. It doesn't matter to you now who around you thinks what of you: who you are is now only defined by you.

Ascendant Virgo

Your August is anything but boring, after all, there are two planets in your first house: Mars and Mercury. Especially at the beginning of August, this means new power and courage for direct communication. Only towards the end of the month, with Mercury retrograde, will hard facts catch up with you. Now old self-doubts and stubborn questions about your identity can arise again and initially overwhelm you. So allow yourself to be empathetic with yourself and try to calmly find and work through the origin of your doubts about yourself. The new moon in Leo will also come to your aid in mid-August, offering you the opportunity to establish new beliefs and resolutions relating to your mental health. First and foremost for you in August is: be gentle with yourself!

Ascendant scales

Our own subconscious can sometimes make life quite difficult for us, and this will be a particularly big issue for you in August. While Mercury and Mars in your twelfth house at the beginning of the month give you the courage to communicate your mental health and concerns more clearly to others, Mercury retrograde at the end of the month will clearly show you where you still have work to do. Which events from your past still influence you today, and how can you process them in a healthy way and let them go? This is exactly the question you should ask yourself now. Your friends and your social environment in general can be a great source of support, although the Leo new moon in mid-August offers a lot of potential for new things. Have you been wanting to join a new club, volunteer, or make new friends? Right now is the ideal time for new beginnings and initiative.

Ascendant Scorpio

In August things will be particularly interesting for you in all areas related to your friendships and your social environment. At the beginning of the month, Mars and Mercury in your eleventh house offer the potential for exciting conversations and activities together. However, the harsh awakening may come at the end of the month, because here Mercury retrograde will show where unspoken problems and conflicts are still simmering. However, use this as an opportunity to discuss such conflicts with the necessary calm and level-headedness and then eliminate them in the long term. You have even better opportunities in terms of your career, because the new moon in Leo takes place in your tenth house. Take the momentum of this constellation with you and plan where your career path should lead. You can show a bit of self-confidence here - remind yourself and others in your professional environment where your competencies lie.

Ascendant Sagittarius

Your further education and your career are at the top of the list of things you should consider in August. After all, Mercury and Mars in your tenth house offer you the opportunity to convince your professional environment with a lot of verve and clear communication. However, you should be prepared that the retrograde Mercury at the end of the month can occasionally bring up conflicts and doubts about your career. At what points in your job do you hold back your opinions and are you actually satisfied with your career? These are exactly the questions you should now ask yourself with brutal honesty. The Leo new moon in your ninth house, however, offers a good incentive for further training and a rediscovery of your spiritual side. New courses for further training or unfamiliar spiritual practices can now be particularly successful for you. So in August you're primarily heading in one direction - forward.

Ascendant Capricorn

For hardly anyone this month is as much about personal development as it is for you. Because with Mars and Mercury in your ninth house, you already have a boost of motivation at the beginning of the month to further your education and find new facets in your life path and your beliefs. At the same time, Mercury retrograde is waiting for you at the end of August and will ensure that you will once again question your previous educational path and the things you believe in. Always remind yourself that your current path has its right to exist, but you can and may reorient yourself at any time. In addition, the Leo new moon in the middle of the month offers you the ideal opportunity to calmly process and let go of old traumas and losses. The balance between processing your past decisions and experiences and looking forward is particularly important for you in August.

Ascendant Aquarius

Nobody wants to deal with painful experiences and memories, but this is exactly a central topic for you in August. Because of Mars and Mercury in your eighth house, on the one hand, topics such as losses, traumas and the like will become a topic that you may want to talk about more often than usual, and on the other hand, Mercury retrograde at the end of the month will ensure that everything you You haven't processed it yet, but now it's coming up again. Allow yourself to calmly look again at past events that have shaped you and to feel how they still influence your life today. The new moon in Leo offers you some distraction from such difficult topics in the middle of the month - because since this takes place in your seventh house, now is a perfect time to set new standards for yourself when it comes to love and relationships. Regardless of whether you want to improve an existing relationship or find a new one, when it comes to love, the doors to new and exciting things are open to you with this new moon.

Ascendant Pisces

Has there been something in your relationship that has been bothering you for a long time? By August at the latest you should dare to communicate such things clearly and calmly. Because while Mercury and Mars bring passion and exciting conversations into your love life at the beginning of August, Mercury retrograde at the end of August may cause communication problems and conflicts. It is therefore all the more important that you take quiet moments to reflect on which aspects of your love life particularly concern you. And even if you are single, you now benefit from letting go of old love affairs and rather working through which experiences from your past still influence and sometimes harm your dating life today. However, there is a ray of hope in the Leo new moon, which takes place in your sixth house and gives you a lot of motivation to establish new, healthy routines in your life and to devote yourself fully to your self-care - then you can too Start difficult conversations all the more calmly.

What your ascendant says about you

Our ascendant is the zodiac sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the exact time of our birth. Our ascendant often says much more about how we tick astrologically and what planetary changes influence us than the classic sun sign, because the ascendant influences the entire composition of our birth chart. You can easily find out your ascendant using a calculator on the Internet - all you need is your birthday, the place and the exact time at which you were born. You can see all this data in your birth certificate, for example.

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