By Christina Weidmann

Why you buy premium crystals from us

Gems and crystals of the best possible quality

In all honesty, when we started Witchlandia, we had to learn a lot when it comes to the subtle differences between good and bad quality crystals. Which color and crystal shape is more valuable than the other? How do I recognize a particularly high-quality crystal? And of course the most important thing for us as sellers: Where can I get the best stones from? Over the years we have become absolute experts in sourcing the best qualities.

We pay particular attention to the following points when making our selection:

Only 100% real, natural crystals

Buying crystal is a matter of trust and you can be absolutely sure with us: all stones are checked for authenticity and we only work with reputable dealers and trained mineralogists to obtain our crystals. If in doubt, you can always send us a message: we will tell you exactly which mine your stone comes from.

No colored or fired stones

Although nature depicts the entire rainbow in the form of colorful crystals, many traders still consider it necessary to use artificial means. Agate, aragonite and citrine are often dyed or burned (amethyst burned at high temperatures takes on the color of citrine). In addition, inferior quartz crystals are often vaporized to create artificial rainbow-colored "Aura" and "Angel Aura" crystals. You will generally not find colored or steamed stones here - the colors of nature are simply beautiful enough!

Exclusively A quality

Every wholesaler offers us their types of stone in different qualities: A quality usually costs twice as much as B or C qualities. This categorization refers to characteristics such as clarity, color, cut and origin. We do not pay attention to the price here, but to the best possible quality and only buy the more expensive A-quality for you. You won't even find crystals in B/C quality with us. The best thing about it: A-quality products are paid much better and fairer in the country of origin. In the case of supposedly “fair” crystals of moderate to poor quality, caution is generally required.

Hand-polished tumbled stones

Why are our tumbled stones so much nicer than other crystal shops? We love these little lucky charms so much that we only buy a very special variant: hand-polished tumbled stones. These stones are much rounder and more harmonious than ordinary tumbled stones because they have undergone an additional craftsmanship step. We also make sure that the tumbled stones are at least 2 cm in diameter, usually even 4-5 cm.

Handpicked crystals

We select all crystals individually so that they are as uniform and harmonious as possible in colour, shape and quality. When we receive our crystals, they are sorted out for the first time - we separate all stones that do not meet our requirements. When dispatched, the crystal is then selected by hand a second time: We make sure that the selected crystal fits in with the rest of your selection and intuitively select the most beautiful specimen for you.

No flaws

Ok, we're being picky. Super picky! Crystals with the smallest quirk, chip or contamination are mercilessly sorted out. That's the simple reason behind why you will always receive perfect crystals from us with no holes, cracks or breakage.

What happens to the crystals that don't make it to the shop?

Discarded pieces are of course not thrown away. Depending on the quality, we categorize our rejects into the following types of recycling:

1. Sale boxes

Once a year we offer all crystals that didn't make it into the shop as a surprise box with a 70% discount. You love these boxes, especially because there are a lot of “crystal jackpots” hidden underneath them every year (If you don't want to miss our next sale, subscribe to our newsletter.)

2. Digging box for children

There is a large crystal box for children in our Cologne shop that little gemstone fans can use at any time, free of charge. Children intuitively love and appreciate crystals - and we love seeing their faces as they choose "their" stone.

3. Back to nature

The final instance: Broken stones and "ejected" goods should not end up in the garbage, but should be returned to nature. We bring the pieces that cannot be saved back into the forest. A custom that our dear customers introduced us to and that we have been celebrating ever since.

We know how much you love your treasures - and that's why we put just as much effort and thought into selecting our range as you do into your collection.

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