By Christina Weidmann

Our crystals, minerals and rituals

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crystals and semi-precious stones

Natural crystals

With us you will only find real and undyed crystals

We love the natural color spectrum of the crystals and therefore only sell untreated and undyed stones and minerals in our online shop. When in doubt, how do you recognize colored or counterfeit stones? Agates in bright colors or unnatural rainbow prisms are just some of the tricks to artificially enhance cheap stones. Many crystals are vaporized or artificially colored to achieve the desired color. Unfortunately, synthetic replicas are also not uncommon on the market. Learn more about how to find high quality and genuine crystals.

Healing stones

Why the term healing stones is misleading in the actual sense of the word

The term healing stones has become popular around the world and suggests that certain minerals have a healing effect. While we are convinced of the positive energy of crystals to support meditation or to energize rooms, these stones have no proven healing effect. Crystals are not a medicinal item but a spiritual tool to inspire the body's self-healing abilities. The assumption that stones can cure illnesses is not scientifically proven and healing stones can never replace a visit to the doctor. In our opinion, the term “healing stone” is misleading; we prefer the terms crystals, minerals and semi-precious stones.

Crystals: effect and meaning

A crystal guide from AZ: Gemstones and their meaning

Each stone has its own meaning, which is made up of its unique atomic structure, color and shape (untreated or cut). To give you a little orientation, we have created an AZ guide in which you can read about the effects of the most popular crystals and semi-precious stones.

Amethyst, rock crystal, rose quartz: the classic crystals

Rock crystal

Why Bergkristall is the ultimate "Master Crystal".

Oh, rock crystal - you beautiful all-rounder! This stunning stone is our founder Tina's personal favorite. Because it can be programmed with an intention and becomes your personal talisman in no time at all. You can find out how you can harness the power of this beauty and why this should be one of the first stones in your collection in our rock crystal guide.


Popular beginner's crystal with pitfalls: How to care for your amethyst.

One of our absolute favorites is the amethyst - how can you not fall in love with its purple crystal tips? Although many people intuitively choose amethyst as one of the first stones in their crystal collection, it is not quite as easy to care for as rose quartz and rock crystal. For example, amethyst should not be exposed to sunlight for too long.

Rose quartz

The stone of love and self-love - rose quartz belongs in every crystal collection

Who doesn't need a little more love in their life? The rose quartz strengthens every kind of love and friendship, it is therefore an essential stone in every collection. Since rose quartz can appear very rough and rugged when uncut, we love the cut versions as point or ball. But rose quartz also finds its place as a raw stone, for example as a water stone.

Modern Rituals: White Sage, Palo Santo and Organic Incense

Smoke with sage

Our Sage Smudge Sticks are traditionally grown in California

We obtain our real white sage (Salvia Apiana) from a partner who shows respect for the workers and nature. There are big differences in sage that are not always immediately apparent. That's why we only sell untreated sage without pesticides and obtain it from traditional harvests from the natives (or their descendants) of America. The white sage is grown there under the Californian sun, harvested and dried by hand - just as it has been done there for generations.

Sustainable Palo Santo

Peru's sacred wood: What to consider when buying Palo Santo

Do you have a reliable and trustworthy source for your Palo Santo wood? Dubious providers not only cheat with (synthetic) fragrance oils, but in case of doubt they even cut down South American stocks in order to get their hands on the popular smoking wood. We work with a partner who produces Palo Santo in collaboration with the Native Americans - original, sustainable and fair. We also support the farmers financially and can give something back to them.

Premium incense sticks

Incense sticks with organically grown and purely natural ingredients

Unfortunately, ordinary incense sticks are usually full of toxins and synthetic fragrances that you don't want in your indoor air. This inferior quality is also to blame for the prejudice that incense sticks cause headaches. But there are also good alternatives! Ume from London is one of the few manufacturers that does not use cheap and harmful ingredients in their incense sticks, which is why we are very happy to offer their incense in Germany.

Natural Crystals

All crystals in our range are untreated and undyed.
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal
    Black Tourmaline Crystal
    Black Tourmaline Crystal

    Black Tourmaline Crystal

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  • Mini Rainbow Fluorite points
    Mini Rainbow Fluorite points
    Mini Rainbow Fluorite points

    Mini Rainbow Fluorite points

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  • Rose Quartz points
    Rose Quartz points
    Rose Quartz points

    Rose Quartz points

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  • Mini Rainbow Fluorite points
    Mini Rainbow Fluorite points
    Mini Rainbow Fluorite points

    Mini Rainbow Fluorite points

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