• Awaken Räucherstäbchen – Oud
  • Awaken Räucherstäbchen – Oud
  • Awaken Räucherstäbchen – Oud

Awaken Incense Sticks - Oud

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If incense sticks make you think of room-filling scent clouds and headaches, you may have not yet been introduced to 100% natural incense sticks. Instead of clouds of perfume, you get pure aromatherapy with the incense sticks by Ume and you will be able to recollect very personal memories and emotions with the scents. Our warmest recommendation for everyone who "doesn't really like incense sticks" - and for everyone else anyway.


  • hand made premium incense sticks
  • with natural Oud - the most expensive fragrance in the world
  • Oud has a strong grounding and centering effect
  • made from finely ground herbs, seeds and aromatic barks
  • only natural ingredients: no perfume, no synthetic fragrances or fillers
  • for meditation, relaxation and as a natural room fragrance
  • vegan, cruelty-free, from a sustainable value chain
  • free from: bamboo core, charcoal, essential oils or synthetic fragrances
  • 30 sticks with a burning time of 30 minutes each