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Our ecological gift box is made in Germany and is perfect for decoratively storing the Palo Santo. The box contains four particularly large sticks. Harvested from naturally fallen branches of the Bursera graveolens tree in Peru, our Palo Santo is pure, eco-friendly and carries an intense scent.

We love large, extra wide blades, which are also considered the A quality of the Palo Santos in Peru. That is why our woods are handpicked and particularly large. You can light each piece of wood at least 30 times.


  • Palo Santo - Sacred wood for incense
  • 4 large, extra-wide pieces in a set
  • from sustainable cultivation in Peru
  • from traditional harvest: We support the farmers of South America
  • particularly intense scent & great grain
  • a lot of tree resin and a long time in the forest (up to 10 years) make our Palo Santo so special
  • harvested exclusively from fallen trees
  • including ecological gift box and instructions
  • Length of each wood approx. 10 cm, width 3-4 cm