Smoky Quartz Palmstone

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This warm and mysteriously glowing stone has a grounding and calming effect on you and your environment. Smoky quartz focuses energies, which means it absorbs everything that causes distress in your surroundings and in your head: irritating influences, bad vibes or distracting thoughts. If you have Smoky Quartz near you, it is easier for you to concentrate on the essentials - perfect for important meetings, the next exam or just to calm down during meditation.


  • natural smoky quartz
  • great quality, warm brown color
  • cut into shape as a Palmstone
  • incl. instructions for meditation, ritual and handling
  • magic powers: concentration, calmness, anti-stress
  • handpicked selection: you will receive a stone similar to the ones shown here
  • diameter: size small about 4 cm, size large about 5-6 cm